Preserve the Semi-Rural Character of Our Village

 "The natural landscape of our community is diminishing.  The legacy of open space in Cherry Hills Village is our present source of inspiration and creates in us all a responsibility to protect and preserve our meadows, trails, wetlands and mountain vistas . "  - The Village's Blue Ribbon Panel Vision for 2020

We want to express our thanks to everyone who gave their time, expertise, advice, and/or perspectives, signed our petition, made a call, sent an email/post/tweet, bought a sign, attended a meeting, or just had a conversation in support of #SAVEQUINCY for your enthusiasm & efforts.

We did it - giving real meaning to the expression it takes a Village!

While we are pleased the CHV City Council voted to shelve the roundabout and reappropriate funds, there is still very important work left to be done. 

If you would like to stay connected or involved with us please email us at

In the meantime, we will keep everyone posted on any developments as they may occur or arise in the future.

With Our Deepest Gratitude & Appreciation,